Before there was Facebook…

… We had high school yearbooks, and wrote our heartfelt sentiments to be recorded for posterity.

We caution our kids to be careful what they say on Facebook, because you can’t “un-say” something on social media. This has always been true of ink. (Maybe the Internet needs pencils?)

At the end of ninth grade, one of my classmates defaced my yearbook by writing the letters “W,I,M,P” in sequence on the corner of each page. She didn’t sign her name, but we (myself and my other wimpy friends) figured out who it was. I had not thought of her in years, until we were cleaning out attics and I came across the yearbook. What this person left me with is now the only way I remember her.

A few decades have passed and I am less of a wimp. I hope she is also less of a bully.


One thought on “Before there was Facebook…

  1. Imagine how long it took this person to write ‘wimp’ on every page of your year book (and by the way, I’m so sorry that that happened to you). But imagine how long.
    She must have found it hard to turn every page (sometimes they stick together) and had to try more than once on some of them. Her hand undoubtedly cramped at some point and she had to shake it out.
    And for what?
    To try and make someone as wonderful as you, feel as worthless as she felt?
    In this life anyway, we manage our own feelings, and no one, no matter how much pain they’re in, gets a free pass to spread their misery.
    So much of her energy, lost in the task of attempted murder of your self esteem.
    What a waste!

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