Dear Ann Taylor…

I love your marketing emails. I’m a marketing executive…I read your email just about every day and shop at Ann Taylor whenever I can. Your emails are definitely working – they keep you top-of-mind and make me fall in love with your merchandise.

But I have a big question. Why are such an overwhelming proportion of your models Caucasian? This does not represent the demographic of a successful, upper middle class woman anymore. I would like to see many more Black, Latino, Asian, etc. women wearing your clothes.

Best regards (and please keep the emails coming!)

— Naomi


Before there was Facebook…

… We had high school yearbooks, and wrote our heartfelt sentiments to be recorded for posterity.

We caution our kids to be careful what they say on Facebook, because you can’t “un-say” something on social media. This has always been true of ink. (Maybe the Internet needs pencils?)

At the end of ninth grade, one of my classmates defaced my yearbook by writing the letters “W,I,M,P” in sequence on the corner of each page. She didn’t sign her name, but we (myself and my other wimpy friends) figured out who it was. I had not thought of her in years, until we were cleaning out attics and I came across the yearbook. What this person left me with is now the only way I remember her.

A few decades have passed and I am less of a wimp. I hope she is also less of a bully.