Why Comment On A Blog Post . . .

As a marketer, you may be frustrated when no one comments on your blog posts. Even after you’ve posted your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter and begged friends and family to ‘engage with your blog post’ by commenting on it . . . I know I’ve been there.

A dozen “likes” on Facebook don’t make you feel warm or fuzzy when you look at your lonely little blog and the only comment you see is “I really like the theme” by that nasty idiot who’s  trying to boost his own website traffic.

Today I found a great reason to comment on a blog post or a support thread or anything else – something that helps YOU, not the blogger. My web host, Hostgator, maintains an excellent support site with tons of articles … but which one was it that had saved my bacon last time it was in the fire?

Next time I come across something that I know I’ll want to look at again, I’ll just comment on it. No more bookmarking (I’m sorry, which browser was I using? How do you use their stupid bookmarks tool?) All I’d have to do was look for my own name and something relating to the topic . . . and Google should help me find what I was looking for.


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