It’s Your Call

A client recently sent me an email with a bunch of conflicting design feedback and invited me to a meeting the next evening. Here was my response:

“I think it would be more productive if you used the meeting to resolve the comments and send to me, while in the meantime I work on the part of the project that I can move ahead with. I have no desire to insert myself into the process of mediating between “someone likes one color and someone else likes a different color!” I do think I could come up with something that would satisfy everyone even based on this feedback, but not with less than 24 hours. So I’ll skip this meeting with the goal of having a revision to you guys by the end of the week, and if you want to send me more agreed-on feedback in the meantime that would be great!

What do you think, beloved audience? Too beachy?


One thought on “It’s Your Call

  1. Hi Naomi:

    What you told the client seems exactly on the mark– You told them what they needed to hear. But as to the tone, the way it appears in writing does seem to bristle a little much, perhaps if the response was spoken verbally, it could come across as helpful and constructive professional advice, or not, depending on the tone of voice and so forth.

    In Engineering consulting too, it is sometimes difficult to advise the client change their approach without implying that they are being less-than-smart. A trade-off: How much of the client’s resources, including the consultant’s billable time, should be spent cushioning critical advice in diplomatic terms?

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