What’s Buried On Your Website?

A Very Short Blog Post About Web Sites.

Something that made me smile today — as I checked out an old colleague’s highly professional, B to B, technology website . . .

Click One: “Company.” (Just looking to see if the colleague was important enough to be listed as “Key Personnel”.)

Click Two: “Helpful Links.”

Scroll to the bottom: “Dave Matthews Band.”

Hey guys, if I want to go to the Dave Matthews Band website (sorry, I don’t — I’m more an Al Green kind of lady) I don’t need to see it on your business technology products website — unless part of your corporate image is “fun,” or unless you’re David Meerman Scott writing about marketing lessons he learned from the Grateful Dead (and obviously, he did well, because I think about David Meerman Scott almost as much on a daily basis as I do about Jerry Garcia).

How deep are your skeletons buried?


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