Less Push, Longer Batteries . . . Or, Do You Really Need To Know This Right Now?

Who knew that the iPhone sucked through its battery juice so quickly? My old MetroPCS phone (“smash your phone to smithereens to stop getting spam texts from Fashion Bug”) used to last me a couple days, even when I spent my entire lunch break chatting with my darlin’.

Today I got a couple of text messages and suddenly noticed my battery had gone down to 23 percent. Yikes! A quick search on “how to preserve your iPhone battery life” yielded the following insights, among others:

  • “Push” notifications drain your battery faster
  • You can manage these by clicking “Settings” and then “Notifications”
  • Facebook’s notification settings are located within the Account Settings within the actual Facebook app.

After having received a “push” alert that an acquaintance is going grocery shopping at DeMoula’s, I got a little more intimate with my Facebook app. I had to tick off fourteen separate boxes to tell Facebook not to ping me when I was tagged in a photo, or a friend was nearby, or someone wants me to participate in the latest app from Appville.

Otherwise, these things would have come through with the same alert level as a text from my son saying he was locked out of the house. And/or, drained the battery so my son couldn’t reach me at all if he was locked out.

Really, Facebook?


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