Tebow – The Ultimate Crossover

Tim Tebow at Jets press conference, filtered with PhotoshopI never cared about football before a few months ago. Yet I am avidly following the drama of Tim Tebow. I have been deeply touched when he thanks our Lord and Savior and his parents after every victory, loss, or milestone. I’ve watched dozens of YouTube videos of people doing the “Tebow.” I’ve sung “Tebow” to the tune of the Munchkins song from the Wizard of Oz. I howled with laughter watching the Saturday Night Live spoof of him. I kept my fingers crossed for him while they were talking about Peyton Manning’s being hired by the Denver Broncos. He didn’t disappoint me at yesterday’s press conference — talked about his friendship with Jets QB Sanchez. A good Christian is a good sport, no?

This guy is like the ultimate crossover — bringing people who never cared about sports before to the NFL channel, and bringing football fans into the arms of God.

Another Charlene-like question…What can we learn from him as marketers?


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